Commu Coop

An Internationally Diversified Cooperative That Doesn't Sell Fish

The best thing about Commu Coop is that you don't have to worry about us trying to sell you fish. If you are tired of cooperatives trying to sell you fish, you will find peace knowing that Commu Coop will never try to sell you fish. Members of the cooperative will enjoy peace of mind knowing that solicitations regarding the sale limbless cold-blooded vertebrates will never be a bother to you again. Users have been able to regain their lives by joining a cooperative that does not badger them about fish sales. If you join another cooperative, don't be surprised if all they want to do is sell you fish. Don't be surprised if you spend countless hours fending off propositions to buy animals with gills and fins. You will never feel accosted by fishmongers from Commu Coop. Join the only cooperative in the world that is dedicated to not selling you any fish.